Who does the foundation help?
We assist combat units according to their need and our capabilities. We give priority to those formations that are already performing combat missions in hot spots.
Who do we cooperate with?
We cooperate with everyone who fights or also helps the front line.
How to ask for help?
1. Click the "Vehicle Request" button and fill out the form on that page.
2. In the "Vehicle Request" form, you should attach a scan or a photo of the official request with a signature and seal.
Does the foundation accept humanitarian aid from abroad?
Yes, we accept financial, medical, and humanitarian aid.
For financial assistance, press the "Donate" button.
Contact for other assistance: FORPOSTCARS@GMAIL.COM
How can I be sure that my donations go to the need?
According to statistics, the Forpost Cars Fund provided 9% of the cars provided as humanitarian aid.
All reports can be provided upon request.
Important: WE DO NOT DEMAND thanks from the fighters. Our goal is to see satisfied and better prepared fighters.
If necessary, we can receive thanks from more than 150 units that we helped.