About the Foundation

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Forpost Medical
Of course, the activity of the community is not limited to the transport only, and many humanitarian goods, medicines, medical equipment, generators, protective equipment, etc. are also sent to the troops. To provide and support the needs of the community, the "Forpost UA" fund was created. Currently, in addition to the main direction of supplying vehicles for FORPOSTCARS, the foundation is also developing the direction of FORPOSTMEDICAL for the supply of medical equipment for military medics and their training in the field of paramedicine.
Oleksiy Polonchuk
Founder of the Vehicles for Ukrainian Guards community and director of the "Forpost UA" foundation. The Vehicles for Ukrainian Guards volunteer community was created in mid-March 2022 to support Ukrainian defenders on the front lines. The main goal of the community is to increase the mobility of combat units by the provision of vehicles with increased cross-country ability. More than 250 vehicles were sent to the front to 160 army units during the five months of the community’s activity.
Volunteer Community
Soon, many volunteers who wanted to take part in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian defenders joined the community. At this time the community includes more than 200 volunteers in 5 countries who do not stop helping Ukraine. Convoys of cars leave for Ukraine every week. The main hubs of the community are located in Latvia, which demonstrates the highest level of support for Ukraine in its struggle, and Lviv (Ukraine), where cars are being prepared to be sent to the fronts.